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domenica 19 luglio 2015

Maria Teresa Sabatiello

I have always had the inclination to scrutinize attentively everything.  I saw, and… while observing, losing myself… and see other things, beyond. It is something “congenital”. I never had the intention to do it, images gathered in my eyes and in my mind. I looked forward the tangible aspect making the matter the starting point and the colour the means. I like thinking that every stone is a tale,  a piece of history,  a truly splinter of life, a sort of natural letter,  shaped by thesea, the wind, by the chisel of the passed time to come just here, that I would be “here” because she captures me.The relationship between the stone and me is something born instinctively before I could give it a meaning. I put my eyes, my hands on the stone, they are ravished by it and so they ravish it to that nature that kindly engraves it for me… and I to thank her paint for her, completing a piece of work just partially realized. When I pick up a stone, I don’t always realize what it suggest me, sometimes a bare whispering… next I put the stone on the lathe and so the whispering becomes at first a clear and  bright voice and next a truly scream… My hand begins to  trace out the drawing in every detail in a way that painting it, nothing would be lost… no folds, no prominence, the colour discovers, do not covers, reveal, Soul…

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