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domenica 19 luglio 2015

Gergana Vladova

"Delicate colouring, a slightly tangible mystical reality and a world full of spiritual messages and positive energy – this is the leading principle in Gergana Vladova’s painting.
In her paintings we can find the energy which unites and creates the inner power necessary for the inspiration, enlightenment and love in life.
An exquisite dialogue with time and space – that is the most precise definition of the style and character in Gergana Vladova’s paintings.
Her colourful impressions take us along the path of search and discovery until they reach a complex universe where we find a lot of light, metaphysical expression and created harmony. A lot of spaces and worlds are combined in them – a metaphorical passage through time and space.
The approach characteristic of the author while developing the composition carries the specific character of an artist with a strongly expressed feeling of colour and colour harmony.
A manifestation of her hidden inner energy is the taste for the unsuspected power of colour, the delicate blending and transitions from a shade to shade as well as the attainment of peculiar sensitivity to the overall development and organisation of the compositional space."
Diana Draganova

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